What is Fairtrade Gold?

Jeweller's Loupe are proud to be ethical jewellers who only offer Fairtrade Gold on all our jewellery. Fairtrade Standards enable artisanal gold miners a fairer and safer way of working. Plus, a special Fairtrade Premium ensures that a contribution is given to community-chosen projects.

Jeweller's Loupe and Fairtrade Gold

What actually is Fairtrade Gold?

Simply put, Fairtrade Gold is sustainable, ethical and fully traceable gold. Every person/company involved in the creative process, from mine to finished jewellery piece, has a Flo ID. This is a unique number that proves they are a member of the Fairtrade Foundation and they have to meet certain working standards. It also means that every piece of Fairtrade gold is fully traceable from source to sale.

The Flo ID of each piece of Fairtrade Gold is also accessible to you, the customer, so you can find out exactly where the precious metal in your jewellery piece has come from. Thus, giving you the reassurance that your jewellery has been ethically sourced and comes from safe mines where the miners are paid fairly.

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(photos courtesy of Hockley Mint)

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