What is Fairtrade Gold?

Jeweller's Loupe are proud to be consciously ethical jewellers offering Fairtrade Gold on all our jewellery

Jeweller's Loupe and Fairtrade Gold

What is Fairtrade Gold?

Simply put, Fairtrade Gold is sustainable, ethical and fully traceable gold.

Fairtrade Gold is sourced from Fairtrade-certified mines which meet specific Fairtrade Standards. These including...

  • all mining practices are legalised
  • all artisanal miners are provided with sufficient training and equipment
  • all artisanal miners receive a fair wage and working hours
  • no children are allowed in the mine at any time
  • women are given a voice and legal rights

Furthermore, an additional 10% Fairtrade Premium is given to the mining community to spend on local infrastructure, healthcare and education, as decided by the them.

Fully Traceable Gold

To ensure that every piece of Fairtrade gold is fully traceable from source to sale, every person/company involved in the creative process, from mine to finished jewellery piece, is given a specific FLO ID.

A FLO ID is a unique number that proves they are a member of the Fairtrade Foundation and that they meet certain working standards.

The FLO ID of each piece of Fairtrade Gold is also accessible to you, so you can find out exactly where the precious metal in your unique jewellery piece has come from.

Feel reassured that your jewellery has been ethically sourced and comes from safe mines with supported communities.

Jeweller's Loupe and Fairtrade

Jeweller's Loupe are proud to part of the Fairtrade Foundation Goldsmiths Registration Scheme, offering you Fairtrade White Gold, Fairtrade Yellow Gold and Fairtrade Rose Gold.

You can shop all our Fairtrade Gold jewellery, here >>>

Jeweller's Loupe are also recognised as a Workplace of World Changers. This means we are making conscious decisions within our working environment, such as providing Fairtrade tea, coffee and snacks for staff and finding sustainable solutions within the workshop.


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(photos courtesy of Hockley Mint)

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