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Diamonds are the ultimate expression of love

Showcase the symbol of your love with a unique, conflict-free, and timeless lab grown diamond. Discover how elegance and science come together to achieve a sparkling selection of high-quality diamond jewellery at an equally desirable price.

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Why Lab Grown Diamond Rings?


Lab grown diamonds are structurally identical as diamonds found in the ground in every single way, giving you the exact same tier of strength, durability, colour, clarity, variety, consistency, and quality.


Lab grown diamonds are more cost effective than mined diamonds of the same quality. From round brilliant, princess, cushion and oval to marquise, pear, emerald or heart cut — lab grown diamonds allow you to create your unique engagement ring while staying within your budget.


Your most treasured piece of jewellery shouldn't have to involve ethical and humanitarian issues. Being that lab grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment, the ethical issues associated with mined diamonds simply don't exist. 

What are Lab Created Diamonds?

Over the past decade, lab created diamonds have grown in popularity as an affordable alternative to mined diamonds. Ranging in cut, clarity, colour and carat weight, the possibilities remain truly endless with lab created diamonds. The diamonds replicate the sparkle of any natural stone, but many consider them to be less precious. So what really makes these lab created diamonds so similar, yet widely different to mined diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds, also known as cultured diamonds, are created in very similar ways as natural gems, only the process is accelerated and grown in quality-controlled laboratories rather than nature.

As a result, the diamonds have been produced in higher volumes in recent years, ultimately reducing their cost. It is for this reason that some may suggest they do not hold the same emotional value or authenticity as naturally formed diamonds. But the truth is, they are chemically and physically no different from natural diamonds, being composed of pure carbon and crystallised into isotropic 3D forms. Even so, lab created diamonds formed above the ground show less
strain in the structure of the gem. They tend to have fewer imperfections, hence making the diamond whiter, brighter and equally as pure. And because modern technology duplicates the natural conditions that a diamond needs to grow beneath the earth, even a skilled jeweller cannot rapidly identify them without hyper-specialized equipment.

How are Lab Diamonds Made?

Lab grown diamonds can be created using different types of technology, from high-temperature, high-pressure and chemical vapour deposition, to the sonication of graphite solutions.

High-Temperature, High-Pressure (HTHP) is the most common method used —diamond seeds are placed inside a diamond growing reactor and heated to 1,400°C or higher, melting the metal first. The metal then proceeds to dissolve the carbon source, which allows the small seeds to form a larger, cultured diamond. More simply, the fine composition of carbon material rains down to create shiny crystals.

Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVP) is another common method of growing lab created diamonds, as it requires a simple, yet flexible setup that can be used to grow diamonds more rapidly and affordably. This method allows us to detect impurities that may occur during the growth process, therefore granting greater control over the properties in the diamonds; including size, shape and colour.
Alternatively, diamond particles can also be synthesised from a graphite suspension. This type of diamond is comparable in cost and value to a diamond that was created using the high-temperature, high-pressure method. While it does require minimal equipment, more research is required in order to reduce operating costs, so this method tends to be less commonly used.

After each process, the rough diamonds are then cut and polished to reveal a radiant finished diamond.

Lab Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamond

Chemical Composition: Carbon
Mohs Scale: 10
Refractive Index: 2.417 -2.419
Created in Laboratory
More Affordable

Natural Diamond

Chemical Composition: Carbon
Mohs Scale: 10
Refractive Index: 2.417 -2.419
Exists Naturally
More Costly


Lab created diamonds are fully identical to natural diamonds in terms of crystal structure, chemical composition, appearance and physical properties. The significant differences between both is the way they were made, along with their cost, rarity and sustainability. Nevertheless, lab grown diamonds sparkle the same, have the same colour options, the same clarity, and can be cut in the same shapes and sizes as natural gems. Though there may be something almost romantic about having the earth create your diamond over a billion years ago, lab grown diamonds are grown and crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, while also eliminating the environmental and humanitarian issues associated with natural diamond mining. After all, the true romance is the moment you create with the person you love, and the commitment that you're making towards one another.

Our Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Choosing to be an ethical jeweller is highly important to us, and every step of the way, we want to ensure that we are making conscious, considerate and principled decisions when crafting your most treasured piece.

Designed by our award-winning jewellers, our new lab diamond engagement ring collection needed to showcase classic yet elegant pieces, all crafted with radiant diamonds that have been made, not mined. The selection offers a beautiful variety of pieces to choose from, reflecting the unique attributes of each bride-to-be.

Engagement Rings with clean cuts, flowing lines, featuring centrally set diamonds as well as feminine and classic bands. By contrast, we’ve also crafted bold, eye-catching styles that play with cut and convention, adding just the perfect touch of sparkle to compliment your unique self.

Each engagement ring in our new lab created diamond collection carries its own unique story, giving your lasting love its own story of sustainability. Choose to celebrate yours with an elegant, timeless and 100% conflict-free diamond. All of our diamonds from a quarter of a carat upwards in weight, come independently graded and certificated by the GIA or IGI.

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