What style to choose - engagement rings

You are not alone!

There's a reason we have added this question into our FAQs. Struggling to decide on the perfect engagement ring is much more common than you maybe realise. There are so many different designs and styles to choose from. There's new jewellery terminology to get to grips with. And you want to make sure you're making the best decision. 

If you're proposing to your partner... you have the pressure of buying for someone else. Help! 

First step, breathe. You've got this. Our best advice is TRUST YOUR GUT. You've chosen to get engaged, so you know your partner inside and out. Chances are you already have all the knowledge you need to make the right decision.  

If you're choosing your own perfect engagement ring... you have the pressure of ensuring this is a piece of jewellery that you will want to wear for-ev-er! 

Don't panic. You've been working on your own personal style and fashion tastes for ages. Even if not consciously. TRUST YOUR GUT. Deep down you know exactly what you like and don't like, and whatever you decide is likely to be spot-on.

Different Style Options

We've put together a quick summary of the different engagement ring styles you can choose from. This should just give you the basic information to get you started. And don't forget, just get in touch if you need a little more help. (Having a natter with you about engagement rings... yes please!)


This classic and traditional style of ring is extremely popular. The bands are simple with all the attention on the diamond. Solitaire stones can be set in a range of different styles including:

  • Double claw – a fancy claw setting, a pretty design feature
  • Rex setting – a dramatic V shaped claw setting, stands proud above the band
  • Rub setting – the stone is framed neatly by metal, a clean tactile finish

If in doubt, a solitaire engagement ring is a safe and sensible choice. 

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This style of ring has a sentimental edge with the three stones representing the past, present and future. Trilogy engagement rings often showcase different diamond cuts or coloured gemstones. One our most popular trilogy rings is our Round Brilliant and Pear Cut Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring with Split Shoulders.

Round Brilliant and Pear Cut Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring with Split Shoulders

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Cluster / Halo
If you’re looking for sparkle, this is the style for you! "Cluster" engagement rings have a collection of diamonds in various combinations. Whereas "Halo" engagement rings have a centre stone surrounded by a ‘halo’ of sparkling diamonds. Cluster/Halo engagement rings can be a cost-effective option as the multiple stones create the illusion of one big diamond. 

Princess Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with a Cushion Shaped Head

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Diamond set band
Simple but with subtle sparkle. These engagement rings often have one central stone and then the shoulders of the band are covered with extra diamonds. A really nice way to add that extra glistening touch. And also a good option if your fancying a plain wedding band.

Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Set Shoulders

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Coloured stones
This style allows you to pick the colour that will be the centre piece of your engagement ring. Whether it’s your partner’s favourite colour or their birth stone – it’s up to you! Coloured stone engagement rings can often be more cost effective than diamonds too but it can depend on the stone.

Round Brilliant Cut Purple Amethyst Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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