Get to know your gemstones

It’s not all about the diamonds!

We love coloured gemstones. Not only are they a great alternative to the diamonds, but they can often be more cost-effective too.  

If you fancy a pop of colour then why not choose a coloured stone engagement rings. Our current collection showcases the following gemstones:

Blue Topaz – a mineral of aluminium and fluorine, blue topaz has been worshipped for years. It is the birthstone of November and its beautiful colour represents peace and healing.

Purple Amethyst – as the birthstone associated with February, purple amethyst represents love and faithfulness. It is a silicate mineral.

Pink Tourmaline – tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral. It is the birthstone of October and is linked to having healing properties.

Blue Sapphire – this precious gemstone is a variety of the mineral, corundum. It is the birthstone of September and is the most expensive coloured gemstone in our collection.

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