Sparkling Hearts: The Two Jewellers Making A Difference


Meet Tim and Gary, the creative minds behind Jewellers Loupe, a unique luxury jewellery brand that's as much about heart as it is about craftsmanship. Founded in 2020, our brand has quickly become synonymous with elegance, quality, and most importantly, giving back to the community.

Tim and Gary's journey began with a shared passion for jewellery-making and a desire to create something meaningful. They envisioned a brand that not only offered stunning pieces but also made a positive impact on the world around them. Thus, Jewellers Loupe was born - a labour of love dedicated to ethical practices and social responsibility.

From the outset, the pair were committed to doing things differently. They carefully sourced their materials, ensuring they were ethically mined and environmentally sustainable. Each piece was meticulously crafted with attention to detail, reflecting their dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

But their vision extended beyond just creating beautiful jewellery. They wanted to use their platform to give back to the community and support causes that mattered to them. In February 2024, they took a significant step forward by donating £3,000 to Martin House Children’s Hospice, a local charity providing essential care and support to children with life-limiting illnesses and their families.

We’re so pleased that Jeweller’s Loupe has raised this amazing amount of money. It costs nearly £9 million a year to run Martin House, and we rely on fundraising and donations for most of that, so this kind of support is vital to us. – Duncan Brownnutt, Regional Fundraiser

Their donation wasn't just a one-time gesture; it was a promise to continue making a difference. They were both determined to find innovative ways to support Martin House and other worthy causes. That's when they came up with a brilliant idea - to contribute a portion of their website sales to charity. Customers could now not only shop for exquisite jewellery but also contribute to a meaningful cause with every order. 

As Jewellers Loupe continues to grow, Tim and Gary remain steadfast in their mission. They believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the world. Through their jewellery, they're not just making a fashion statement; they're making a statement of compassion, empathy, and generosity.

Jeweller’s Loupe strives to be a shining example of what it means to run a business with heart. Their journey is a reminder that small actions can lead to significant change and that together, we can create a brighter, more compassionate world - one piece of jewellery at a time.


Why Martin House?

Martin House Children's Hospice was founded in 1987 in order to establish a place for children, young people and their families to find support, rest and practical help. The work they do is invaluable. That's why when you buy a ring, pendant, or earrings from us we pass on a contribution to support their wonderful work. If you would like to donate or enquire about fundraising options then please visit the Get Involved section of their website.




How your donations can help
• Can help a family have fun in the kitchen with a baking session during their stay at Martin House.
• Enables a family staying at Martin House to enjoy a home-cooked hot meal together, prepared by one of our chefs.
• Buys a cinema ticket so a young person staying at Martin House can enjoy a trip to the movies.


• Helps buy supplies to create precious hand and footprint keepsakes for families after their child has died.
• Means one of our clinical nurse specialists is only a phone call away, so worried parents can talk to an expert for vital emotional and practical support.
• Helps a child enjoy a session in our specialist multisensory room with one of our care team.
• Could pay for a face-to-face consultation with a nurse when a child’s symptoms become challenging and parents need expert advice.
• Could fund an appointment with one of our admissions nurses, so a family can prepare for their planned hospice stay.
• Can help pay for a session with one of our music therapists, helping a child express thoughts and feelings that are too difficult for words.
• Helps us provide a specialist counselling session, giving a grieving parent time to talk and come to terms with their overwhelming sense of loss.
• Can help provide a virtual bereavement group session, giving parents the opportunity to navigate their grief while feeling part of a community.
• Could pay for a consultation with one of our counsellors for a family which is anxious and in vital need of emotional support


• Allows one of our clinical nurse specialists to support parents who have learned their unborn baby has a life-limiting condition, helping them as they make difficult decisions about the care they want for their child.
• Pays for an outreach session so one of our music therapists can visit a poorly child in paediatric intensive care.



• Pays for a week’s worth of emergency drugs, to help control pain or seizures when a child is unwell.
• Helps to staff our monthly rainbow baby group, for parents who have previously lost a child.
• Means a family can have an urgent consultation with one of our specialist doctors if they are concerned about their child.
• Can help a clinical nurse specialist attend a hospital appointment with parents, so they have support in understanding what the future may hold for their child and in making difficult decisions.


It costs £9million a year to provide the free care and support for families in the region. If you have given your support before then we, on behalf of the families in need, say a huge thank you!