Conflict-free Engagement Rings

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It's important to us that you know where your engagement ring is made, how it is created and what we do to ensure that it is conflict-free. 

All our engagement rings are conflict-free and ethically created right here in our Yorkshire workshop, in the UK. Each and every engagement ring is handmade to order, just for you. And we are conscious consumers too. We take care to ensure that in the creation of your unique engagement ring, we only source the best precious metals and gemstones from our trusted suppliers. 

Ethically-sourced Precious Metals

You choose which ethically-sourced precious metal is the perfect style for your engagement ring: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. And we make sure to choose only the best and most ethical suppliers.

We only offer gold which is Fairtrade: Fairtrade White Gold, Fairtrade Yellow Gold or Fairtrade Rose Gold. This ensures that only fully-traceable precious metal is used for your engagement ring. It also ensures that the artisanal miners are paid fairly, provided with proper health and safety equipment and training, and that their communities benefit from their dedicated work.

Conflict-free Diamonds 

We only use conflict-free diamonds; ethically sourced diamonds from our trusted suppliers. Our specialist diamond contacts have been hand-picked by us for their transparency, trustworthiness and reliability. They also care about the ethical sourcing of diamonds.  

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