How do I know which ring size to choose?

That’s the big question. (Well, unless you are due to propose, of course!) Especially when buying online, it is useful to know some sure-fire ways of working out finger/ring size. Here are a few tricks from our expert jewellers to help you feel confident with your decision.

Firstly, don’t panic! It is really common to not know what ring size you/your partner/the gift-ee is.

The Basics

Ring sizes go from A to Z+3 (A being the smallest and Z+3 being the largest). The most common sizes are K-Q but if you do require a different size, please get in touch.

Good ways to work it out

  • Order a sizer. Please feel free to email us and request one of our Multi-Size Ring Gauges. This is simply a specialised measuring strip of plastic that wraps around your finger. The markers on the plastic strip indicate the different ring sizes. This is a good option if you’d like to physically feel how tight or loose each size is. We aim to send a sizer out to you within 24 hours of your request.

  • Ask family or friends. Sometimes people discuss ring sizes with their family or friends, either when they are experimenting trying on each other’s jewellery or during the purchase of another ring. Why not ask around?

  • Use other jewellery. Using existing jewellery as a guide can sometimes be helpful to work out which ring size is best. Remember that different fingers vary in size, and sometimes sizes vary between left and right hands.

The Avoid-ers!

  • Don't wrap string around a finger and then measure it! We’ve found this to be a rather unreliable method as the string can stretch in the process. Plus, if you tie it too tight, you could have a bit of a problem!

  • No guessing! Even as experienced jewellers, we would be unlikely to guess someone's finger size just from a glance.

All in all, the more accurate information you can get, the more likely your chances are for choosing the right size.

Worst case scenario

Don't worry! It isn't uncommon to order the wrong ring size. So, we also offer a resizing service for all of our rings. This is £50 (including our return postage to you). Please send your ring back to us unworn, undamaged and in our original packaging. We would advise sending it Signed For/Special Delivery through the Royal Mail.

Inside your parcel, please don’t forget to let us know:

  • your name and original order number

  • what ring size you would like it altering to

  • your preferred return address

We will send you a payment link for this service once we have received your ring. Then, as soon as payment is received, we will get your ring resized and back to you within 14 days.

Need a little more help? Just give us a call on 0113 2748474 or email

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