Fairtrade Rose Gold Smoky Quartz, Pink Tourmaline and White Topaz Four Stone Stacking Ring


The Four Stone Stacker from our Rose Collection.

An earthy Fairtade Rose Gold stacking ring. Exclusively designed by our expert jewellers to sit alongside our other Rose Collection stacking rings. This stunning ring showcases a round brilliant cut pink tourmaline, two smoky quartz and a white topaz, each hand set in a rub setting for a tactile finish. The band of the ring has been particularly rounded and perfectly polished too.


Gemstone: Quartz | Colour: Smoky | Cut: Round Brilliant  | Measurement: 3.75mm | Setting: Rub | Quantity: 1

Gemstone: Tourmaline | Colour: Pink | Cut: Round Brilliant  | Measurement: 2.5mm | Setting: Rub | Quantity: 1

Gemstone: Topaz | Colour: White | Cut: Round Brilliant  | Measurement: 3.75mm | Setting: Rub | Quantity: 1

Gemstone: Quartz | Colour: Smoky | Cut: Round Brilliant  | Measurement: 2.4mm | Setting: Rub | Quantity: 1

Every gemstone used in our Jeweller's Loupe jewellery has been carefully chosen by our expert British jewellers. We use only a select group of trusted suppliers, so rest assured that your pink tourmaline, smoky quartz and white topaz have been sourced ethically and responsibly.

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